For some time Martin Duffy has enjoyed a strong relationship with a youth development organisation in Vanuatu. They provide a wide range of programs and mentoring for the local young people as well as a series of camps.
The camps are hosted at their own facility, on a large piece of land made available to them. The intricacies of land ownership in Vanuatu being what they are, the Youth Group must ensure the property shows added value and improvements each year to secure, retain and exercise ownership. This of course includes long distances of fencing across unforgiving terrain.
The size of the land and the nature of the terrain makes this a major mission and there have been a number of working bees over recent years. The latest was September last year and Martin participated enthusiastically, as he always does. The photos below (left to right) are the intrepid team, the produce market in Port Villa (the only game in town for retail therapy) and some serious fence building.
                                                                       GIL's STRONG ADVICE: DON'T LEAVE HOME TILL YOU HAVE SEEN THIS COUNTRY
Just had a stunning three and a half weeks in the lower South Island. Walked bits of the Kepler Track then went to Stewart Island where we saw a Kiwi on the side of the road and came third to last in the pub quiz.

Then the highlight of the trip four days in the Catlins a most amazing place. Scenery to rival the Great Ocean Road in Oz and amazing beaches with seals and sea lions. Time in Dunedin to catch up with relatives then on to Oamaru with its incredible architecture and the Steampunk museum. Finished up in Christchurch with a very interesting day at Lytelton. If you are not keen to travel abroad in the near future just enjoy the delights of good old NZ.
Very sound advice I say, pictures below (left to right) are Tunnel Beach South Dunedin, The view from Nugget Point in the Catlins and The Kepler Track