Convivial shared meal at La Padella - "Tuesday Chewies"
A number of informal social groups are available for fellowship and friendship within the club. There is a ladies coffee group, usually the third Thursday of the month - check upcoming events.
Every Friday morning at 8:00 am at Apothecary there is an open invitation to join who ever is there for a caffeine shot and conversation to start the day! Then, if you still have the energy there is a similar open invitation to end-of-week drinks, from 4:00 pm at the Bosuns Bar in the Prospect. Chill and chat.
In addition to these "regular" opportunities to enjoy fellowship watch for upcoming events like  "Monday Munchies", "Tuesday Chewies", special functions and vocational visits in the bulletin and on WhatsApp.
Do take advantage of these opportunities to connect, relax and strengthen bonds.