Meeting 8th July
Our speaker was Lisa Lovelock  from RYDA - Rotary Youth Driver Awareness.
This programme started in NSW 2001 after a number of tragic road accidents involving young people. NZ joined in 2006.  The RYDA website gives all the background to the programme.  Next year they aim to put 10,000 students through.  Programme is tightly evaluated and constately updated.  It’s focus is on the teenage drivers headspace not the technical aspects of driving.
Peter outlined the committee structure for 2020/21.  We will all be allocated a committee but there is room for negotiation so please talk to Peter if you would like to change.
Evening meetings will be quarterly this year. The first one will be on 17th September and they will have a slightly different format.  Zoom is to continue as it is great for those incapacitated or away and opens up a new range of speakers.
Bruce reminded us about the golf day in November.
Meeting 15th July
Sergeant Ken welcomed us and addressed issues around the 5 Minute Speaker.  If you don’t want to do it tell him. Also be aware it does not have to be your life story, it can be a subject currently captivating your attention, it is your choice.  Also if you need more time to cover you talk see him in advance. He is focussed on managing the meeting to ensure it finishes on time.    Lastly he reminded members that if you cannot do an allocated duty then arrange a swap.  He then welcomed our illustrious President Peter Bailey
Peter said he has spent time on his to do list and all will be revealed soon. 
Michelle outlined some detail around the evening meeting on Thursday September 17 where the speaker will be Mitchell Fan.  
Irena thanked members for the donations to the blanket appeal.  We have received letters of thanks from children and the CEO of the ATWC.  She also advised us of the passing of Claire Maclaren’s mother.
Brian said that glass orders can still be made.
The speaker was Krissy Cloutman from the Farmstrong Programme.  The organisation works with farmers and our rural community to build resilience and maintain mental health. They provide the resources, support and  strategies they need to deal with stress, stay balanced and keep well.
Gary Bates was the 5 Minute Speaker and gave a very informative talk about his life and passions