Hall set-up  AND Raffle
Hall set-up  
  • Arrive no later than 6.30 am
  • Equipment is stored under the stairs in the foyer. The combination lock number is C138. You will need the podium, wooden sign for outside, power point projector, laptop (white plastic box), microphone (in kitchen cupboard between food prep area and pub)
  • Place the Rotary wooden sandwich outside the front entrance of the Club building visible to all passers by
  • Set up Members’ badge board on the table immediately through the double doors and open, place the stand for the self service attendance roster next to it and the attendance sheet in the clip board. (Stewart will have emailed the attendance sheet)
  • Wheel the podium to the front of our meeting area, open the front doors, hang the "Year Slogan" banner on front 
  • Remove the bell and gavel from the cupboard and place on the table next to the podium
  • Remove the speaker gift from the bottom of the cupboard and place on the top of the podium ready for presentation to speaker
  • Retrieve the microphone from the cupboard in the kitchen (between kitchen and bar), ensure amp is switched on, switch on the repeater outside in the meeting area (between kitchen and bar) and place in holder on the podium
  • If you feel comfortable set up lap top and projector, if not coralle Martin, Andrew Laing or Charles
  • At meetings end put equipment away in reverse order to the above, and return all tables and chairs to their original positions. Hall take down is part of the duty
  • The Meet & Greet duty will bring the meat.
  • Obtain cash box, ball bucket and yellow ticket dispenser from under the podium.
  • Load tickets into the yellow dispenser and sell to members as they enter.
  • On completion, count cash and hand to the treasurer indicating the amount collected for raffles and visitor meals (ex- attendance desk).
  • A float of $20 is to remain in the cash box. Return the cash box, yellow ticket dispenser and ball bucket to the podium.
  • On the call of the President, have the bucket of balls ready for the speaker to draw.