Rotary turns on many things, friendship and service to others are fundamental but so is networking and business intelligence. Business intelligence we had In every sense of the word, crisp intellect, clear communication and critical insights abounded.

In this moment of history, with great uncertainty and an everchanging landscape, the ability to forecast will make the difference between good and great. An insiders view of the GCR (Yes! Global Covid Recession) opened all our eyes, and minds, to the scope and complexity of the damage the virus has wrought, and the collateral complications of the Reserve Bank and Government recovery and support programs.

We were excited and very pleased to receive an industry update from Neil Bradley, Treasurer of the Bank of New Zealand and one of the leaders of the NZ banking and capital community at our club meeting on the 27 May held on ZOOM.
The discussion ranged from the unusual global capital flows that have resulted from the Covid discontinuity, the sectors of the economy that will be most and least affected, changing consumer behaviour in the new normal and what market trends might emerge in the months ahead. Our forecasting ability was undoubtedly enhanced.
It is important to note that even though everything we heard was already in the public domain, the organisation of the data presented and synthesis of the insights was masterful. A special meeting and the highlight of our program.  Many thanks Neil.