Chloe gave an excellent insight into Green Party policy and policy development, as well as her own journey in politics. Running for Mayor of Auckland on the smell of an oily rag at the age of 22 she came third with 80,000 votes, outperforming competitors that had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Chloe also described some of her earlier entrepreneurial ventures as she was finding her way in adulthood, or crafting an environment to connect with her community in an "art gallery/ cafe/ donut shop".
Whatever ones' individual leaning it was clear to see that Chloe is a highly articulate, motivated and transparent member of parliament and the "national debate" is better for her contribution. Chloe clearly laid out the 4 pillars of Green Politics, which are ecological wisdom, the notion that the worlds resources are finite and should be wisely managed, social justice, grass roots democracy and non-violence, this last particularly poignant in todays global climate.
Chloe answered a number of questions on water, water quality, her place in central Auckland and the legalisation of cannabis. A very stimulating address.