One of our masthead fundraising projects is in need of new thoughts, ideas and leadership. The current committee of Stewart MacLaren, Rod Cooke, Brian Hedge, Ian Thomsen, Peter Bailey and more latterly David Jamieson have been involved for a number of years – and now is an appropriate time to introduce new blood to lead the project from May 2021 through to our 2022 event.
To this end we are offering an incentive for someone to lead this important fund raising project for the 2022 event – our attitude is that whoever runs Bangers to Bluff need to have taken part in at least one or preferably several Rally’s to understand the culture
For Bangers to Bluff 2021 we offer:
  1.   Our Club Car as a “free” Banger for the trip for you and friend or partner or wife
  2. A sponsor will provide a Fuel Card for the trip duration
  3. The Registration Fee for Bangers to Bluff will be paid by the Rally (RCHMB)
You will pay for:
  1. Accommodation, meals, ferry crossing, entertainment and getting home from Invercargill (although in the past that’s been accommodated by riding in the Support Vehicle coming home
  2. You will be required to raise not less than $500 for Sponsorship of the Club Car

In running Bangers to Bluff for post 2021, you have access to experienced participants that will be happy to assist, and you will have undertaken the journey and understand the culture of what we are trying to achieve.
If you are interested, please contact any one of the current committee above.   

Rod Cooke
Bangers to Bluff 2021
Mob 021 228 5321