At Sealink our life has been re-defined in dramatic fashion. We have had armed police turn up to pull people in a stolen car off the ferry and a number of call outs where people have been somewhat strident in their demands to travel. Most heart wrenching was the fellow wanting to see his dog who was unwell. The demands at the terminals have been interesting to say the least and its amazing how quickly people turn feral when their expectations aren’t met.

The photos (middle and right) above are of both our chiller and Ambient units loading for Great Barrier and are in many ways identical to the Waiheke traffic. In the trailer we have parts and tires for the islands fire appliance, dialysis and other medical supplies, LPG, distilled water, home appliances, a generator, bread, beer, wine and general grocery items.

Waiheke is getting a lot of winemaking supplies and the oyster farms have also just stocked up on essentials, the support of primary industries goes on regardless. There’s the daily trailer load to the supermarket and the same in returns from the recycling and Waste Management operation. These services are absolutely essential lifelines to these thriving but isolated communities.